Heading back to work…

Miss Kitty made a decision last week. Well, approximately 2 weeks ago now. She’s going back to work.

Now don’t get worried or write to me, asking if I am okay. I really am fine. I was just getting a little… bored at home. Yes really. My daily routine of pilates or body balance, time with my friend Oprah, Ellen and Martha and the occasional lunch, coffee or shopping date with friends just wasn’t proving satisfying enough.

Christmas is a-coming!

I know. You all think I'm mad. How can I be posting about Christmas when it's barely November? Well, there's a reason. I want to share my shopping tips with you so you can be prepared and organised and not be stressed out three days before the big day with a hundred presents to buy.

Comfort dressing: how to dress yourself “better”

Since my last blog post, I have been laid up with the dreaded lurgy. Known in our house as the “supercold”, this insidious virus has knocked me for six and laid me out flat for 10 days. I lost my voice, had a sore through that felt like I was swallowing glass and completely lost my appetite which, for anyone who knows me well, is tantamount to a natural disaster. I still don’t really feel like eating. Shocking.

Autumn/Winter shopping for... errr... 2011.

Wow – what a whirlwind few weeks! I’m currently on holidays in the UK, and boy is the shopping good! The dollar has been wonderfully kind to us so far and we are getting terrific value for things we buy.

A serial present shopper.

I have always been a good shopper for presents. My husband – in his infinite wisdom – says I should limit that sentence to the first seven words, however that would make this whole blog redundant. You already know that about me!

Planning your wardrobe: it takes time!

The Kitties are about to move. It’s not something I am looking forward to – moving is not fun in anyone’s book last time I checked, but it’s a fact of life. According to the Journal for the Australian Population Association (1996) the average Australian moves between 10 and 11 times in their lifetime. A scary thought for someone like me who is a hoarder.

But this post is not about the act of moving – it’s about what happens before you move.

To spend or not to spend?

Shopping_bags.jpgWhen it comes to shopping, there’s not a lot I don’t know. Really. I adore to shop and will happily while away a few hours skipping around shopping sites on the internet, or in malls, big or small.

Every girl has to have a hobby, right?

IMGP7422.JPGHello! How nice to meet you! Please, let’s get to know each other. Introductions first.

My name is Kitty, I adore shoes and accessories and I am an Aquarius, which somewhat explains my fascination with sparkly things (that, or I am part magpie). I have a husband who is part wonderful, part infuriating, part saint and part genius, like all men I guess. We live with our two Burmese cats in Sydney and spend out days eating out and cooking, designing our new house and generally having a lot of fun.

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