Christmas gift ideas for your pets

It's Christmas already and if you still haven't found the perfect gift for your furry friend, here are a list of gift ideas.

The one stop shop of pet style includes couture, perfumes and jewelry.

If you're more label minded, there are always designer duds for dogs.

Perhaps your pet is looking for a real change (or maybe they need to lay low for a while) then a wig is just what they need.

And you can never go wrong with diamonds.

If your pet is a little more manly and a little less into the bling, an AFL membership to your club of choice is a great gift. Here is a feature pet AFL member looking sharp in club colours (admittedly they're my club colours).

My personal favourite is this site for neckties and bow ties for your dog. Nothing is more traditional then giving a tie for Christmas.

However the gift that gives to all the family is a family holiday.

Wishing you and your pets a safe, happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year!

Rubi and her husband are in their mid 30’s and currently reside in Melbourne, Australia. They are international culture junkies, enjoying travel, food, history and media. Recently they became the bemused owners of a pet cat, whom is a renewable resource of entertainment, expenditure, discussion, joy and aggravation.